Samuel A. Teolis, Supervisor | Carmella M. Teolis, Funeral Director


Circle Cremation Services

Ellwood City Borough’s only in house Crematory which opened in January of 2015. A clean, safe, and secure facility that you can place your TRUST in. Our Crematory operators are certified by the U.S. Cremation Equipment Company, and Sam A. Teolis, manager of the Crematory, is also certified by the NFDA, National Funeral Directors Association, thru it’s “Certified Crematory Operator Program”. We have initiated a 7 point Identification tracking process for the loved one that has been placed into our care. We guarantee that your Loved One will not leave our care.

Samuel A. Teolis, has earned his Certified Crematory Operator (CCO) designation from the National  Funeral Directors Association (NFDA). The NFDA Certified Crematory Operator Program is a voluntary certification program that helps funeral directors better serve the needs of families that choose cremation.

NFDA”S Certified Crematory Operator Program provides participants with instruction in best practices for safe, proper and ethical crematory operations and for excellence in service to families that choose cremation. Seminars cover the topics required by state law and are designed to develope understanding, skills and a broad working knowledge of proper operational procedures as well as required and prudent administrative procedures.

Video provides information on various options for cremation services to help memorialize and celebrate a loved one’s life.

Samuel A. Teolis, along with his son Domenic Teolis, his daughter, Carmella Teolis, and certified crematory operator Don Rutter, has also been trained using the Florida Department of Environmental Protection approved crematory operator-training program administered by the American Incinerators Co./US Cremation Equipment.
Serving Ellwood City, Koppel, Fombell, and all the surrounding areas.

Saying Goodbye
Its never easy, but saying goodbye is a natural and healthy part of the grieving process.

At our funeral home this can take place in a number of ways: From a more traditional ceremony joined by family and friends, to a private, meaningful service with your immediate family.

Regardless of how you want to say goodbye, our professional staff is ready to serve.

Sharing the Story

Every life tells a story. We can help you share the story in a unique and appropriate way. We believe in celebrating the life of the individual by recognizing how they touched the lives of others.

This is the story we all have to share.

Cremation Choices

Choosing cremation offers several choices for service and memorialization.

The following considerations will help you determine the type of event that would be most meaningful to you, your family, and friends.

Do you prefer to offer friends and extended family the opportunity to say goodbye and offer their love and support with a public viewing or memorial service?

Do you prefer to conduct ceremonial services at a church or place of worship?

If family and friends are coming from a great distance, do you prefer to arrange a memorial service following the cremation?
Whatever your preference, we will work one-on-one with you to create an appropriate tribute. To help simplify the planning and arrangement process, the following offerings represent some of the more popular choices of our client families who choose cremation. Each package offers our Signature Service Commitment.

Video provides information on choices and considerations for the final placement of cremated remains.

Our Signature Services are included from the minute we take your loved one into our care. Our staff will work through all of the details to create a personalized tribute as unique as the life being celebrated. These services include;

Creative planning of meaningful tribute services

Coordination with clergy, florists, cemetery, our crematory, or other complementary service providers

Acquisition on completion of necessary government forms, including the death certificates, veteran’s benefits forms, social security, and other required documents.

Assistance with insurance and/or U.S. Veterans claims.


Complete Service with Cremation

Share your fondest memories with family and friends. Visitation can be scheduled the day before or the same day as the ceremony. We will arrange for a ceremony at a church or place of worship, or you can choose to have the ceremony in our funeral home.


We will be honored to host your family and friends for a visitation service followed by a memorial service in our funeral home. Many families prefer this simple tribute. The visitation and memorial service can be customized with a special memory table, video tribute or meaningful musical selections.


Memorial Service

Some families prefer to honor their loved one with a ceremony that follows the cremation process. The Journey Memorial Tribute often becomes more of a celebration where family and friends can reminisce and share stories that mark a life well-lived. A Memorial Tribute offers flexibility to plan the event at a convenient time so all who wish to participate can join together at our funeral home or some other special location.

We will handle all of the details.

The Journey Memorial tribute can be held in addition to a public or private tribute service.


A Private, Informal Goodbye

If you prefer to say goodbye in a simple, private setting, the “Reflections” Life Tribute offers a private visitation for your immediate family only. While this event is limited, our service level does not change.

Following the Life Tribute and the cremation, you might consider hosting a Memorial Tribute service to enjoy the support of family and friends at a time more convenient and less stressful.

Direct Cremation

This package is for cremation with no viewing or service.

Choosing a Final Resting Place

The journey does not end here. Following the service and the cremation process, there are several options for choosing a peaceful, final resting place, including;

Niche – Designated place in a church or mausoleum

Burial – Traditional placement in a cemetery

Scattering – Spread in a special location

Home – Keeping in your private residence

We also offer an extensive variety of cremation urns, memorialization jewelry, and keep sakes, along with register books with matching prayer cards and acknowledgement cards that fit your loved ones life style.

Which ever choice you make we will provide you with the appropriate guidance and merchandise.

Please feel free to call us with any questions concerning cremation that you may have.