Samuel A. Teolis, Supervisor | Carmella M. Teolis, Funeral Director

Outer Burial Containers

An outer burial container is a broad term for a receptacle that houses the casket, protecting it from the outside conditions. They are NOT required by law in Pennsylvania, but are required by most cemeteries in the area. The use of outer burial containers help keep the ground level and make it easy for care takers to look after the grave sites. There are a few different kinds of outer burial containers.

No outer burial container:

  • Usually only in green burial, the lack of protection enables natural decomposition.
  • Will not prevent ground cave-ins.

Unlined outer burial container:

  • Also known as “Grave Liners”
  • Not guaranteed air-tight or water-tight
  • Will prevent ground cave-ins
  • Minimal protection.

Standard, Lined burial vault:

  • Guaranteed air-tight and water-tight
  • Will prevent ground cave-ins
  • Best protection, and our recommendation
  • Minimum fabrication of 5,000 psi concrete.
  • Lined with high impact plastics, or metals such as, stainless steel, bronze, or copper.
  • Personalization options available.

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Why Families Choose a Burial Vault from Wilbert TV on Vimeo.

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